Cotton-Top Marmoset

Cotton-Top Marmosets

Long-Tusked Marmoset

Long-Tusked Marmosets

Long-tusked Tamarin

Long-tusked Tamarins

Marmoset, Cotton Top

Marmoset, Cotton-Top

Marmoset, Long Tusked

Marmoset, Long-Tusked

Marmosets, Cotton-Top

Marmosets, Long-Tusked

Saguinus oedipus

Tamarin, Long-tusked

Tamarins, Long tusked

Tamarins, Long-tusked

A genus in the subfamily CALLITRICHINAE consisting of 12 species and found in Panama as well as South America. Species seen most frequently in the literature are S. oedipus (cotton-top marmoset), S. nigricollis, and S. fusicollis.