Shiga Toxins


Cell Cytotoxins, Vero

Cytotoxin, Vero

Cytotoxin, Vero Cell

Cytotoxins, Vero Cell

Cytoxins, Vero

Shiga Like Toxins

Shiga-Like Toxins

Toxin, Vero

Toxins, Shiga

Toxins, Shiga-Like

Toxins, Vero

Vero Cell Cytotoxin

Vero Cell Cytotoxins

Vero Cytotoxin

Vero Cytoxins

Vero Toxin

Vero Toxins



A class of toxins that inhibit protein synthesis by blocking the interaction of ribosomal RNA; (RNA, RIBOSOMAL) with PEPTIDE ELONGATION FACTORS. They include SHIGA TOXIN which is produced by SHIGELLA DYSENTERIAE and a variety of shiga-like toxins that are produced by pathologic strains of ESCHERICHIA COLI such as ESCHERICHIA COLI O157.

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