Sodium-Calcium Exchanger


Antiporter, Calcium-Sodium

Antiporter, Sodium-Calcium

Ca(2+)-Na(+) Antiporter

Ca(2+)-Na(+) Exchanger

Calcium Sodium Antiporter

Calcium Sodium Carrier

Calcium Sodium Exchanger

Calcium-Sodium Antiporter

Calcium-Sodium Carrier

Calcium-Sodium Exchanger

Carrier, Calcium-Sodium

Carrier, Sodium-Calcium

Exchanger, Calcium-Sodium

Exchanger, Sodium-Calcium

Na(+)-Ca(2+) Antiporter

Na(+)-Ca(2+) Exchanger

Sodium Calcium Antiporter

Sodium Calcium Carrier

Sodium Calcium Exchanger

Sodium-Calcium Antiporter

Sodium-Calcium Carrier

An electrogenic ion exchange protein that maintains a steady level of calcium by removing an amount of calcium equal to that which enters the cells. It is widely distributed in most excitable membranes, including the brain and heart.