Spectrometry, Mass, Secondary Ion


Mass Spectrometry, Secondary Ion

Mass Spectroscopy, Secondary Ion

SIMS Microscopy

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Microscopy

Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy

Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy Microscopy

Spectroscopy, Mass, Secondary Ion

A mass-spectrometric technique that is used for microscopic chemical analysis. A beam of primary ions with an energy of 5-20 kiloelectronvolts (keV) bombards a small spot on the surface of the sample under ultra-high vacuum conditions. Positive and negative secondary ions sputtered from the surface are analyzed in a mass spectrometer in regards to their mass-to-charge ratio. Digital imaging can be generated from the secondary ion beams and their intensity can be measured. Ionic images can be correlated with images from light or other microscopy providing useful tools in the study of molecular and drug actions.