Spinal Cord Dorsal Horn


Clarke Columns

Clarke Nucleus

Clarke's Columns

Clarke's Nucleus

Clarkes Columns

Clarkes Nucleus

Columns, Clarke's

Dorsal Horn

Dorsal Horns

Dorsali, Nucleus

Dorsalis, Nucleus

Horn, Dorsal

Horns, Dorsal

Lamina 1

Lamina 3

Lamina 4

Lamina I

Lamina III

Lamina IV

Marginal Nucleus

Nucleus Dorsali

Nucleus Dorsalis

Nucleus, Clarke's

Nucleus, Marginal

Posterior Horn of Spinal Cord

Spinal Cord Posterior Horn

Spongiosa, Zona

Spongiosas, Zona

Zona Spongiosa

Zona Spongiosas

One of three central columns of the spinal cord. It is composed of GRAY MATTER spinal laminae I-VI.