Structure Collapse


Bridge Collapse

Bridge Collapses

Bridge Failure

Bridge Failures

Building Collapse

Building Collapses

Collapse, Bridge

Collapse, Building

Collapse, Dam

Collapse, Levee

Collapse, Structure

Collapses, Building

Collapses, Dam

Collapses, Levee

Dam Collapse

Dam Collapses

Dike Failure

Dike Failures

Failure, Bridge

Failure, Dike

Failure, Levee

Failure, Structure

Failures, Bridge

Failures, Dike

Failures, Levee

Failures, Structure

Levee Collapse

Levee Collapses

Levee Failure

Levee Failures

Structure Collapses

Structure Failure

Structure Failures

Failure in built environment with loss of functional integrity.