Superior Olivary Complex


Complex, Superior Olivary

Complex, Trapezoid Nuclear

Nuclear Complex, Trapezoid

Nuclei, Superior Olivary

Nucleus Olivaris Superior

Nucleus Olivaris Superiors

Nucleus, Periolivary

Nucleus, Preolivary

Nucleus, Superior Olivary

Nucleus, Superior Paraolivary

Olivaris Superior, Nucleus

Olivaris Superiors, Nucleus

Olivary Complex, Superior

Olivary Nuclei, Superior

Olivary Nucleus, Superior

Olive, Superior

Olives, Superior

Paraolivary Nucleus, Superior

Periolivary Nucleus

Preolivary Nucleus

Superior Olivary Nuclei

Superior Olivary Nucleus

Superior Olive

Superior Olives

Superior Paraolivary Nucleus

Superior, Nucleus Olivaris

Superiors, Nucleus Olivaris

Trapezoid Nuclear Complex

An auditory brainstem structure in the pontine tegmentum that contains several nuclei associated with auditory localization and is component of ascending and descending auditory pathways.