Suppressor Factors, Immunologic


Factors, Immunologic Suppressor

Factors, Suppressor T-Cell

Factors, T Suppressor

Factors, T-Cell Suppressive

Factors, T-Suppressor

Immunologic Suppressor Factors

Suppressive Factors, T-Cell

Suppressor Factor (SF4)

Suppressor Factors, T

Suppressor T Cell Factors

Suppressor T-Cell Factors

T Cell Suppressive Factors

T Cell Suppressor Factors

T Suppressor Factors

T-Cell Factors, Suppressor

T-Cell Suppressive Factors

T-Suppressor Factors

Proteins, protein complexes, or glycoproteins secreted by suppressor T-cells that inhibit either subsequent T-cells, B-cells, or other immunologic phenomena. Some of these factors have both histocompatibility (I-J) and antigen-specific domains which may be linked by disulfide bridges. They can be elicited by haptens or other antigens and may be mass-produced by hybridomas or monoclones in the laboratory.