Thyroiditis, Suppurative


Acute Infectious Thyroiditides

Acute Infectious Thyroiditis

Acute Suppurative Thyroiditides

Acute Suppurative Thyroiditis

Infectious Thyroiditides

Infectious Thyroiditides, Acute

Infectious Thyroiditis

Infectious Thyroiditis, Acute

Suppurative Thyroiditides

Suppurative Thyroiditides, Acute

Suppurative Thyroiditis

Suppurative Thyroiditis, Acute

Thyroiditides, Acute Infectious

Thyroiditides, Acute Suppurative

Thyroiditides, Infectious

Thyroiditides, Suppurative

Thyroiditis, Acute Infectious

Thyroiditis, Acute Suppurative

Thyroiditis, Infectious

Acute inflammatory disease of the THYROID GLAND due to infections by BACTERIA; FUNGI; or other microorganisms. Symptoms include tender swelling, FEVER, and often with LEUKOCYTOSIS.