Tumor Protein p73


Human Tap73 Protein

Protein p73

Protein p73, Tumor

Protein, Human Tap73

Protein, TP73

Protein, p73

TP73 Protein

Tap73 Protein, Human

Tumor Suppressor Protein p73

p73 Protein

p73 alpha

p73 beta

p73, Protein

p73, Tumor Protein



A homolog of p53 TUMOR SUPPRESSOR PROTEIN that encodes full-length trans-activating and N-terminally-truncated (DeltaN) isoforms. Detection of splice variants and isoforms in the nervous system (human TELENCEPHALON, CHOROID PLEXUS; CEREBROSPINAL FLUID), embryonic tissue, human BREAST CANCER; OVARIAN CANCER, suggest roles in cellular differentiation.