Vagus Nerve


Cranial Nerve X

Cranial Nerve, Tenth

Cranial Nerves, Tenth

Nerve X

Nerve X, Cranial

Nerve Xs

Nerve, Pneumogastric

Nerve, Tenth Cranial

Nerve, Vagus

Nerves, Pneumogastric

Nerves, Tenth Cranial

Nerves, Vagus

Nervus Vagus

Pneumogastric Nerve

Pneumogastric Nerves

Tenth Cranial Nerve

Tenth Cranial Nerves

Vagus Nerves

Vagus, Nervus

The 10th cranial nerve. The vagus is a mixed nerve which contains somatic afferents (from skin in back of the ear and the external auditory meatus), visceral afferents (from the pharynx, larynx, thorax, and abdomen), parasympathetic efferents (to the thorax and abdomen), and efferents to striated muscle (of the larynx and pharynx).

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