Abortion, Induced


Abortion (Induced)

Abortion Failure

Abortion Failures

Abortion Histories

Abortion History

Abortion Rate

Abortion Rates

Abortion Technic

Abortion Technics

Abortion Technique

Abortion Techniques

Abortion, Drug Induced

Abortion, Drug-Induced

Abortion, Previous

Abortion, Rivanol

Abortion, Saline Solution

Abortion, Saline-Solution

Abortion, Soap Solution

Abortion, Soap-Solution

Abortions (Induced)

Abortions, Drug-Induced

Abortions, Induced

Abortions, Previous

Abortions, Rivanol

Abortions, Saline-Solution

Abortions, Soap-Solution

Anti Abortion Groups

Anti-Abortion Group

Anti-Abortion Groups

Drug-Induced Abortion

Drug-Induced Abortions



Failure, Abortion

Failures, Abortion

Fertility Control, Postconception

Group, Anti-Abortion

Groups, Anti-Abortion

Histories, Abortion

History, Abortion

Induced Abortion

Induced Abortions

Postconception Fertility Control

Previous Abortion

Previous Abortions

Rate, Abortion

Rates, Abortion

Rivanol Abortion

Rivanol Abortions

Saline-Solution Abortion

Saline-Solution Abortions

Soap-Solution Abortion

Soap-Solution Abortions

Technic, Abortion

Technics, Abortion

Technique, Abortion

Techniques, Abortion

Intentional removal of a fetus from the uterus by any of a number of techniques. (POPLINE, 1978)