Accessory Nerve


Accessorius, Nervus

Accessory Nerve, Spinal

Accessory Nerves

Accessory Nerves, Spinal

Cranial Nerve XI

Cranial Nerve, Eleventh

Cranial Nerves, Eleventh

Eleventh Cranial Nerve

Eleventh Cranial Nerves

Nerve XI

Nerve XIs

Nerve, Accessory

Nerve, Eleventh Cranial

Nerve, Spinal Accessory

Nerves, Accessory

Nerves, Eleventh Cranial

Nerves, Spinal Accessory

Nervus Accessorius

Spinal Accessory Nerve

Spinal Accessory Nerves

The 11th cranial nerve which originates from NEURONS in the MEDULLA and in the CERVICAL SPINAL CORD. It has a cranial root, which joins the VAGUS NERVE (10th cranial) and sends motor fibers to the muscles of the LARYNX, and a spinal root, which sends motor fibers to the TRAPEZIUS and the sternocleidomastoid muscles.