Acetolactate Synthase


Acetohydroxy Acid Synthase

Acetohydroxy Acid Synthetase

Acetohydroxyacid Synthetase I

Acetolactate Synthetase

Acetolactate pyruvate-lyase (carboxylating)

Acetoxyhydroxyacid Synthase III

Acid Synthase, Acetohydroxy

Acid Synthetase, Acetohydroxy

Synthase III, Acetoxyhydroxyacid

Synthase, Acetohydroxy Acid

Synthase, Acetolactate

Synthetase I, Acetohydroxyacid

Synthetase, Acetohydroxy Acid

Synthetase, Acetolactate

A flavoprotein enzyme that catalyzes the formation of acetolactate from 2 moles of PYRUVATE in the biosynthesis of VALINE and the formation of acetohydroxybutyrate from pyruvate and alpha-ketobutyrate in the biosynthesis of ISOLEUCINE. This enzyme was formerly listed as EC