Acute Kidney Injury


Acute Kidney Failure

Acute Kidney Failures

Acute Kidney Injuries

Acute Kidney Insufficiencies

Acute Kidney Insufficiency

Acute Renal Failure

Acute Renal Failures

Acute Renal Injuries

Acute Renal Injury

Acute Renal Insufficiencies

Acute Renal Insufficiency

Kidney Failure, Acute

Kidney Failures, Acute

Kidney Injuries, Acute

Kidney Injury, Acute

Kidney Insufficiencies, Acute

Kidney Insufficiency, Acute

Renal Failure, Acute

Renal Failures, Acute

Renal Injuries, Acute

Renal Injury, Acute

Renal Insufficiencies, Acute

Renal Insufficiency, Acute

Abrupt reduction in kidney function. Acute kidney injury encompasses the entire spectrum of the syndrome including acute kidney failure; ACUTE KIDNEY TUBULAR NECROSIS; and other less severe conditions.