Adenosine Monophosphate


2' Adenosine Monophosphate

2' Adenylic Acid


2'-Adenosine Monophosphate

2'-Adenylic Acid

5' Adenylic Acid

5'-Adenylic Acid

5'-Adenylic acid

5'-Phosphate, Adenosine


Acid, 2'-Adenylic

Acid, 5'-Adenylic

Adenosine 2' Phosphate

Adenosine 2'-Phosphate

Adenosine 3' Phosphate

Adenosine 3'-Phosphate

Adenosine 5' Phosphate

Adenosine 5'-Phosphate

Adenosine Phosphate Dipotassium

Adenosine Phosphate Disodium

Adenylic Acid

Dipotassium, Adenosine Phosphate

Disodium, Adenosine Phosphate

Monophosphate, 2'-Adenosine


Phosphate Dipotassium, Adenosine

Phosphate Disodium, Adenosine

Adenine nucleotide containing one phosphate group esterified to the sugar moiety in the 2'-, 3'-, or 5'-position.