Adiposis Dolorosa




Adipose Tissue Rheumatism

Adipose Tissue Rheumatisms

Ander Syndrome

Ander's Syndrome

Anders Syndrome

Anders Syndromes

Decum Vitaut Syndrome

Decum-Vitaut Syndrome

Dercum Disease

Dercum's Disease

Dercum, Morbus

Dercums Disease

Dercums, Morbus

Disease, Dercum

Disease, Dercum's

Dolorosa, Lipomatosis

Dolorosas, Lipomatosis

Lipomatosis Dolorosa

Lipomatosis Dolorosas

Morbus Dercum

Morbus Dercums

Rheumatism, Adipose Tissue

Rheumatisms, Adipose Tissue

Syndrome, Ander's

Syndrome, Anders

Syndrome, Decum-Vitaut

Syndromes, Anders

Tissue Rheumatism, Adipose

Tissue Rheumatisms, Adipose

A rare disease characterized by multiple tumor-like fatty deposits that press on nerves in various sites causing pain and weakness. Often these lipoma-like structures are located on the trunk and limbs but not on the face and hands.