Acute Phase alpha 1 Protein

Acute-Phase alpha 1-Protein

RNP, 45S

Slow alpha 2 Globulin

Slow alpha 2 Macroglobulins

Slow alpha 2-Globulin

Slow alpha 2-Macroglobulins

alpha 1 Acute Phase Globulin

alpha 1 Acute Phase Protein

alpha 1 Macroglobulin

alpha 1-Acute Phase Globulin

alpha 1-Acute Phase Protein

alpha 1-Macroglobulin

alpha 1-Protein, Acute-Phase

alpha 2 Acute Phase Globulin

alpha 2 Acute Phase Globulins

alpha 2 Glucoprotein

alpha 2 Glucoproteins

alpha 2 Macroglobulin

alpha 2-Acute Phase Globulin

alpha 2-Acute Phase Globulins

alpha 2-Globulin, Slow

alpha 2-Glucoprotein

alpha 2-Glucoproteins

alpha 2-Macroglobulin

alpha 2-Macroglobulins, Slow

alpha Macrofetoprotein

alpha Macrofetoproteins

alpha Macroglobulins



alpha2 Macroglobulin


Glycoproteins with a molecular weight of approximately 620,000 to 680,000. Precipitation by electrophoresis is in the alpha region. They include alpha 1-macroglobulins and alpha 2-macroglobulins. These proteins exhibit trypsin-, chymotrypsin-, thrombin-, and plasmin-binding activity and function as hormonal transporters.