Amblyopia, Anisometropic

Amblyopia, Developmental

Amblyopia, Stimulus Deprivation Induced

Amblyopia, Stimulus Deprivation-Induced

Amblyopia, Suppression


Amblyopias, Anisometropic

Amblyopias, Developmental

Amblyopias, Stimulus Deprivation-Induced

Amblyopias, Suppression

Anisometropic Amblyopia

Anisometropic Amblyopias

Deprivation-Induced Amblyopia, Stimulus

Deprivation-Induced Amblyopias, Stimulus

Developmental Amblyopia

Developmental Amblyopias

Eye, Lazy

Eyes, Lazy

Lazy Eye

Lazy Eyes

Stimulus Deprivation Induced Amblyopia

Stimulus Deprivation-Induced Amblyopia

Stimulus Deprivation-Induced Amblyopias

Suppression Amblyopia

Suppression Amblyopias

A nonspecific term referring to impaired vision. Major subcategories include stimulus deprivation-induced amblyopia and toxic amblyopia. Stimulus deprivation-induced amblyopia is a developmental disorder of the visual cortex. A discrepancy between visual information received by the visual cortex from each eye results in abnormal cortical development. STRABISMUS and REFRACTIVE ERRORS may cause this condition. Toxic amblyopia is a disorder of the OPTIC NERVE which is associated with ALCOHOLISM, tobacco SMOKING, and other toxins and as an adverse effect of the use of some medications.