Amino-Acid N-Acetyltransferase


Acetyl CoA Glutamate N Acetyltransferase

Acetyl CoA Glutamate N-Acetyltransferase

Acetyl Coenzyme A Glutamate N Acetyltransferase

Acetyl Coenzyme A Glutamate N-Acetyltransferase

Acetyltransferase, Amino Acid

Acetyltransferase, Amino-Acid

Acid Acetyltransferase, Amino

Amino Acid Acetyltransferase

Amino Acid N Acetyltransferase

Amino-Acid Acetyltransferase

N Acetyl L Glutamate Synthetase

N Acetylglutamate Synthase

N Acetylglutamate Synthetase

N-Acetyl-L-Glutamate Synthetase

N-Acetylglutamate Synthase

N-Acetylglutamate Synthetase

N-Acetyltransferase, Amino-Acid

Synthase, N-Acetylglutamate

Synthetase, N-Acetyl-L-Glutamate

Synthetase, N-Acetylglutamate

A mitochondrial matrix enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of L-GLUTAMATE to N-acetyl-L-glutamate in the presence of ACETYL-COA.