Amino Acid Transport System X-AG


Amino Acid Transport System X AG

Amino Acid Transport System XAG

GLAST Glutamate Aspartate Transporters

GLAST Glutamate-Aspartate Transporters

Glutamate Aspartate Transporter

Glutamate Translocase

Glutamate Transport Glycoprotein

Glutamate Transporter

Glutamate-Aspartate Transporter

Glutamate-Aspartate Transporters, GLAST

Transport Glycoprotein, Glutamate

Transporter, Glutamate-Aspartate

Transporters, GLAST Glutamate-Aspartate

A family of POTASSIUM and SODIUM-dependent acidic amino acid transporters that demonstrate a high affinity for GLUTAMIC ACID and ASPARTIC ACID. Several variants of this system are found in neuronal tissue.