Anemia, Diamond-Blackfan


Anemia, Blackfan Diamond

Anemia, Congenital Hypoplastic, Of Blackfan And Diamond

Anemia, Diamond Blackfan

Anemia, Diamond Blackfan Type

Anemia, Diamond-Blackfan Type

Anemia, Hypoplastic Congenital

Anemias, Hypoplastic Congenital

Blackfan Diamond Anemia

Blackfan Diamond Disease

Blackfan Diamond Syndrome

Blackfan-Diamond Disease

Blackfan-Diamond Syndrome

Chronic Congenital Agenerative Anemia

Congenital Anemia, Hypoplastic

Congenital Anemias, Hypoplastic

Congenital Erythroid Hypoplastic Anemia

Congenital Hypoplastic Anemia of Blackfan and Diamond

Congenital Pure Red Cell Anemia

Congenital Pure Red Cell Aplasia

Diamond Anemia, Blackfan

Diamond Blackfan Anemia

Diamond-Blackfan Anemia

Diamond-Blackfan Type Anemia

Disease, Blackfan-Diamond

Erythroblastopenia, Inherited

Erythroblastopenias, Inherited

Erythrogenesis Imperfecta

Erythrogenesis Imperfectas

Hypoplastic Congenital Anemia

Hypoplastic Congenital Anemias

Imperfecta, Erythrogenesis

Imperfectas, Erythrogenesis

Inherited Erythroblastopenia

Inherited Erythroblastopenias

Pure Hereditary Red Cell Aplasia

Red Cell Aplasia, Pure, Hereditary

A rare congenital hypoplastic anemia that usually presents early in infancy. The disease is characterized by a moderate to severe macrocytic anemia, occasional neutropenia or thrombocytosis, a normocellular bone marrow with erythroid hypoplasia, and an increased risk of developing leukemia. (Curr Opin Hematol 2000 Mar;7(2):85-94)