Ankle Joint


Ankle Joints

Ankle Syndesmoses

Ankle Syndesmoses, Tibiofibular

Ankle Syndesmosis

Ankle Syndesmosis, Tibiofibular

Articulatio talocruralis

Inferior Tibiofibular Joint

Inferior Tibiofibular Joints

Joint, Ankle

Joint, Inferior Tibiofibular

Joints, Ankle

Joints, Inferior Tibiofibular

Syndesmoses, Ankle

Syndesmoses, Tibiofibular

Syndesmoses, Tibiofibular Ankle

Syndesmosis, Ankle

Syndesmosis, Tibiofibular

Syndesmosis, Tibiofibular Ankle

Tibiofibular Ankle Syndesmoses

Tibiofibular Ankle Syndesmosis

Tibiofibular Joint, Inferior

Tibiofibular Joints, Inferior

Tibiofibular Syndesmoses

Tibiofibular Syndesmosis

The joint that is formed by the inferior articular and malleolar articular surfaces of the TIBIA; the malleolar articular surface of the FIBULA; and the medial malleolar, lateral malleolar, and superior surfaces of the TALUS.

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