Antibodies, Heterophile


Antibodies, Heterogenetic

Antibodies, Heterologous

Antibodies, Heterophil

Antibodies, Heterotypic

Antibodies, Xenogeneic

Antibodies, Xenogenic

Antibody, Forssman

Forssman Antibody

H-D Antibodies

Hanganutziu-Deicher Antibodies


Heterogenetic Antibodies

Heterologous Antibodies

Heterophil Antibodies

Heterophile Antibodies

Heterotypic Antibodies

P-B Antibodies

Paul-Bunnell Antibodies


Xenogeneic Antibodies

Xenogenic Antibodies

Antibodies elicited in a different species from which the antigen originated. These antibodies are directed against a wide variety of interspecies-specific antigens, the best known of which are Forssman, Hanganutziu-Deicher (H-D), and Paul-Bunnell (P-B). Incidence of antibodies to these antigens--i.e., the phenomenon of heterophile antibody response--is useful in the serodiagnosis, pathogenesis, and prognosis of infection and latent infectious states as well as in cancer classification.