Antibody-Producing Cells


Antibody Producing Cells

Antibody Secreting Cells

Antibody-Producing Cell

Antibody-Secreting Cell

Antibody-Secreting Cells

Cell, Antibody-Producing

Cell, Antibody-Secreting

Cell, Immunoglobulin-Producing

Cell, Immunoglobulin-Secreting

Cells, Antibody-Producing

Cells, Antibody-Secreting

Cells, Immunoglobulin-Producing

Cells, Immunoglobulin-Secreting

Immunoglobulin Producing Cells

Immunoglobulin Secreting Cells

Immunoglobulin-Producing Cell

Immunoglobulin-Producing Cells

Immunoglobulin-Secreting Cell

Immunoglobulin-Secreting Cells

Cells of the lymphoid series that can react with antigen to produce specific cell products called antibodies. Various cell subpopulations, often B-lymphocytes, can be defined, based on the different classes of immunoglobulins that they synthesize.