Antigens, Heterophile


Antigens, H-D

Antigens, Hanganutziu-Deicher

Antigens, Heterogenetic

Antigens, Heterologous

Antigens, Heterophil

Antigens, Paul-Bunnell

Antigens, Xenogeneic

Antigens, Xenogenic

H D Antigens

H-D Antigens

Hanganutziu Deicher Antigens

Hanganutziu-Deicher Antigens


Heterogenetic Antigens

Heterologous Antigens

Heterophil Antigens

Heterophile Antigens

Paul Bunnell Antigens

Paul-Bunnell Antigens


Xenogeneic Antigens

Xenogenic Antigens

Antigens stimulating the formation of, or combining with heterophile antibodies. They are cross-reacting antigens found in phylogenetically unrelated species.