Antigens, Viral, Tumor


Antigen, Large T

Antigen, Small T

Antigen, T

Antigens, Neoplasm, Viral

Antigens, T

Antigens, Viral Neoplasm

Antigens, Viral T

Antigens, Viral Tumor

Antigens, Virus Transforming

Large T Antigen

Large T-Antigen

Neoplasm Antigens, Viral

Small T Antigen

Small T-Antigen

T Antigen

T Antigen, Large

T Antigen, Small

T Antigens

T Antigens, Viral


T-Antigen, Large

T-Antigen, Small

Transforming Antigens, Virus

Tumor Antigens, Viral

Viral Neoplasm Antigens

Viral T Antigens

Viral Tumor Antigens

Virus Transforming Antigens

Those proteins recognized by antibodies from serum of animals bearing tumors induced by viruses; these proteins are presumably coded for by the nucleic acids of the same viruses that caused the neoplastic transformation.