APOBEC-3G Deaminase


APOBEC 3G Deaminase

APOBEC 3G Protein

APOBEC 3G dC dU Editing Enzyme

APOBEC Related Cytidine Deaminase

APOBEC Related Protein

APOBEC-3G Protein

APOBEC-3G dC-dU Editing Enzyme

APOBEC-Related Cytidine Deaminase

APOBEC-Related Protein

APOBEC3G Deaminase

APOBEC3G Protein

CEM15 Protein

Cytidine Deaminase, APOBEC-Related

Deaminase, APOBEC-3G

Deaminase, APOBEC3G

An APOBEC deaminase that functions as an inhibitor of RETROVIRIDAE replication and inhibits the mobility of RETROTRANSPOSONS via deaminase-dependent and independent mechanisms. It is selective for SINGLE-STRANDED DNA and does not deaminate double-stranded DNA or single or DOUBLE-STRANDED RNA. It exhibits potent antiviral activity against VIF PROTEIN deficient HIV-1 through the creation of hypermutations in the VIRAL DNA. It also has anti-viral activity against SIMIAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUSES and HEPATITIS B VIRUS.