Apolipoprotein B-48


Apo B 48

Apo B, Chylomicron

Apo B-48

ApoB 48



Apolipoprotein B 48

Apolipoprotein B, Chylomicron

Apolipoprotein B48

Apoprotein B 48

Apoprotein B-48

Chylomicron Apo B

Chylomicron Apolipoprotein B

A 241-kDa protein synthesized only in the INTESTINES. It serves as a structural protein of CHYLOMICRONS. Its exclusive association with chylomicron particles provides an indicator of intestinally derived lipoproteins in circulation. Apo B-48 is a shortened form of apo B-100 and lacks the LDL-receptor region.