Apolipoprotein E3


APOE epsilon 3

APOE epsilon3

APOE-epsilon 3


Apo E 3

Apo E-3

Apo E3


Apolipoprotein E 3

Apolipoprotein E epsilon3

Apolipoprotein E-3

Apolipoprotein E-epsilon3

Isoapolipoprotein E3

A 34-kDa glycosylated protein. A major and most common isoform of apolipoprotein E. Therefore, it is also known as apolipoprotein E (ApoE). In human, Apo E3 is a 299-amino acid protein with a cysteine at the 112 and an arginine at the 158 position. It is involved with the transport of TRIGLYCERIDES; PHOSPHOLIPIDS; CHOLESTEROL; and CHOLESTERYL ESTERS in and out of the cells.