Apraxia, Ideomotor


Apraxia, Classic

Apraxia, Ideokinetic

Apraxia, Limb Kinetic

Apraxia, Transcortical

Apraxias, Classic

Apraxias, Ideokinetic

Apraxias, Ideomotor

Apraxias, Limb Kinetic

Apraxias, Transcortical

Classic Apraxia

Classic Apraxias

Dyspraxia, Ideomotor

Dyspraxias, Ideomotor

Ideokinetic Apraxia

Ideokinetic Apraxias

Ideomotor Apraxia

Ideomotor Apraxias

Ideomotor Dyspraxia

Ideomotor Dyspraxias

Kinetic Apraxia, Limb

Kinetic Apraxias, Limb

Limb Kinetic Apraxia

Limb Kinetic Apraxias

Transcortical Apraxia

Transcortical Apraxias

A form of apraxia characterized by an acquired inability to carry out a complex motor activity despite the ability to mentally formulate the action. This condition has been attributed to a disruption of connections between the dominant parietal cortex and supplementary and premotor cortical regions in both hemispheres. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p57)