Arsenic Poisoning


Arsenic Encephalopathies

Arsenic Encephalopathy

Arsenic Induced Polyneuropathy

Arsenic Poisoning, Inorganic

Arsenic Poisoning, Nervous System

Arsenic Poisoning, Organic

Arsenic Poisonings

Arsenic Poisonings, Inorganic

Arsenic Poisonings, Organic

Arsenic-Induced Polyneuropathies

Arsenic-Induced Polyneuropathy

Arsenical Neurotoxicity Syndrome

Arsenical Neurotoxicity Syndromes

Encephalopathies, Arsenic

Encephalopathy, Arsenic

Inorganic Arsenic Poisoning

Inorganic Arsenic Poisonings

Nervous System Poisoning, Arsenic

Nervous System, Organic Arsenic Poisoning

Neurotoxicity Syndrome, Arsenical

Neurotoxicity Syndromes, Arsenical

Organic Arsenic Poisoning

Organic Arsenic Poisoning, Nervous System

Organic Arsenic Poisonings

Poisoning, Arsenic

Poisoning, Arsenic, Nervous System

Poisoning, Inorganic Arsenic

Poisoning, Organic Arsenic

Poisonings, Arsenic

Poisonings, Inorganic Arsenic

Poisonings, Organic Arsenic

Polyneuropathy, Arsenic Induced

Polyneuropathy, Arsenic-Induced

Syndrome, Arsenical Neurotoxicity

Syndromes, Arsenical Neurotoxicity

Disorders associated with acute or chronic exposure to compounds containing ARSENIC (ARSENICALS) which may be fatal. Acute oral ingestion is associated with gastrointestinal symptoms and an encephalopathy which may manifest as SEIZURES, mental status changes, and COMA. Chronic exposure is associated with mucosal irritation, desquamating rash, myalgias, peripheral neuropathy, and white transverse (Mees) lines in the fingernails. (Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p1212)