Autophagy-Related Protein 5


ATG 5 Protein

ATG-5 Protein

ATG5 Protein

Apoptosis Specific Protein

Apoptosis-Specific Protein

Autophagy Protein 5

Autophagy Protein-5

Autophagy Related 5 Protein

Autophagy Related Protein 5

Autophagy-Related 5 Protein

An autophagy-related protein that functions in AUTOPHAGOSOME biogenesis. It is conjugated to the ATG12 PROTEIN via a process that is similar to UBIQUITINATION and involves the ATG7 PROTEIN and ATG10 enzyme. The ATG12-ATG5 conjugate acts as an E3 UBIQUITIN LIGASE-like enzyme and is required for the localization of ATG8 PROTEINS to AUTOPHAGOSOME vesicle membranes and modification of membrane lipids.