Fibroblast Virus, Human, Permanent

Mammalian Type B Retroviruses

Oncornavirus, Type D

Oncornaviruses, Type D

Oncovirus, Type B

Oncovirus, Type D

Oncoviruses Type B

Oncoviruses Type B, Mammalian

Oncoviruses, Type B

Oncoviruses, Type D

Retrovirus, Type D

Retroviruses Type B, Mammalian

Retroviruses Type D

Retroviruses, Type D

Type B Oncovirus

Type B Oncoviruses

Type B Oncoviruses, Mammalian

Type B Retroviruses, Mammalian

Type B, Oncoviruses

Type D Oncornavirus

Type D Oncornaviruses

Type D Oncovirus

Type D Oncoviruses

Type D Retrovirus

Type D Retroviruses

A genus of the family RETROVIRIDAE consisting of viruses with either type B or type D morphology. This includes a few exogenous, vertically transmitted and endogenous viruses of mice (type B) and some primate and sheep viruses (type D). MAMMARY TUMOR VIRUS, MOUSE is the type species.