Bipolar Disorder


Affective Psychosis, Bipolar

Bipolar Affective Psychosis

Bipolar Depression

Bipolar Disorders

Depression, Bipolar

Disorder, Bipolar

Disorder, Manic



Manic Depressive Psychosis

Manic Disorder

Manic Disorders

Manic State

Manic States

Manic-Depressive Psychoses

Manic-Depressive Psychosis

Psychoses, Bipolar Affective

Psychoses, Manic Depressive

Psychoses, Manic-Depressive

Psychosis, Bipolar Affective

Psychosis, Manic Depressive

Psychosis, Manic-Depressive

State, Manic

States, Manic

A major affective disorder marked by severe mood swings (manic or major depressive episodes) and a tendency to remission and recurrence.