Bird Fancier's Lung


Avian Hypersensitivity Pneumonitides

Avian Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis

Bird Fancier Lung

Bird Fancier's Lungs

Bird Fanciers Lung

Budgerigar Fancier Lung

Budgerigar Fancier's Lung

Budgerigar Fancier's Lungs

Budgerigar Fanciers Lung

Hypersensitivity Pneumonitides, Avian

Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, Avian

Lung, Bird Fancier's

Lung, Budgerigar Fancier's

Lung, Pigeon Breeder's

Lungs, Bird Fancier's

Lungs, Budgerigar Fancier's

Lungs, Pigeon Breeder's

Pigeon Breeder Lung

Pigeon Breeder's Lung

Pigeon Breeder's Lungs

Pigeon Breeders Lung

Pneumonitides, Avian Hypersensitivity

Pneumonitis, Avian Hypersensitivity

Pneumonitis, Hypersensitivity, Avian

A form of alveolitis or pneumonitis due to an acquired hypersensitivity to inhaled avian antigens, usually proteins in the dust of bird feathers and droppings.