Blood Substitutes


Artificial Blood

Artificial Bloods

Artificial Erythrocyte

Artificial Erythrocytes

Artificial Hemoglobin

Artificial Hemoglobins

Blood Substitute

Blood, Artificial

Bloods, Artificial

Cell Substitute, Red

Cell Substitutes, Red

Erythrocyte Substitute

Erythrocyte Substitutes

Erythrocyte, Artificial

Erythrocytes, Artificial

Hemoglobin Substitute

Hemoglobin Substitutes

Hemoglobin, Artificial

Hemoglobins, Artificial

Red Cell Substitute

Red Cell Substitutes

Substitute, Blood

Substitute, Erythrocyte

Substitute, Hemoglobin

Substitute, Red Cell

Substitutes, Blood

Substitutes, Erythrocyte

Substitutes, Hemoglobin

Substitutes, Red Cell

Substances that are used in place of blood, for example, as an alternative to BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS after blood loss to restore BLOOD VOLUME and oxygen-carrying capacity to the blood circulation, or to perfuse isolated organs.