Brenner Tumor


Benign Brenner Tumor

Brenner Tumor of Ovary

Brenner Tumor, Benign

Brenner Tumor, Malignant

Brenner Tumor, Proliferative

Malignant Brenner Tumor

Ovarian Brenner Tumor

Ovary Brenner Tumor

Proliferative Brenner Tumor

A smooth, solid or cystic fibroepithelial (FIBROEPITHELIAL NEOPLASMS) tumor, usually found in the OVARIES but can also be found in the adnexal region and the KIDNEYS. It consists of a fibrous stroma with nests of epithelial cells that sometimes resemble the transitional cells lining the urinary bladder. Brenner tumors generally are benign and asymptomatic. Malignant Brenner tumors have been reported.