Brown-Sequard Syndrome


Brown Sequard Disease

Brown Sequard Syndrome

Brown Sequard's Disease

Brown Sequard's Paralysis

Brown Sequard's Syndrome

Brown-Sequard Disease

Brown-Sequard Paralysis

Brown-Sequard's Disease

Brown-Sequard's Paralysis

Brown-Sequard's Syndrome

Brown-Sequards Disease

Brown-Sequards Paralysis

Brown-Sequards Syndrome

Hemicord Syndrome

Hemicord Syndromes

Hemiparaplegic Syndrome

Hemiparaplegic Syndromes

Hemispinal Cord Syndrome

Hemispinal Cord Syndromes

Paralysis, Brown-Sequard's

Spastic Spinal Monoplegia Syndrome

Syndrome, Brown-Sequard

Syndrome, Brown-Sequard's

Syndrome, Hemicord

Syndrome, Hemiparaplegic

Syndrome, Hemispinal Cord

Syndromes, Hemicord

Syndromes, Hemiparaplegic

Syndromes, Hemispinal Cord

A syndrome associated with injury to the lateral half of the spinal cord. The condition is characterized by the following clinical features (which are found below the level of the lesion): contralateral hemisensory anesthesia to pain and temperature, ipsilateral loss of propioception, and ipsilateral motor paralysis. Tactile sensation is generally spared. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p162).