Bundle-Branch Block


Anterior Fascicular Block

Anterior Fascicular Blocks

Block, Anterior Fascicular

Block, Bundle Branch

Block, Bundle-Branch

Block, Fascicular

Block, Left Bundle-Branch

Block, Posterior Fascicular

Block, Right Bundle-Branch

Blocks, Anterior Fascicular

Blocks, Bundle Branch

Blocks, Bundle-Branch

Blocks, Fascicular

Blocks, Left Bundle-Branch

Blocks, Posterior Fascicular

Blocks, Right Bundle-Branch

Branch Block, Bundle

Branch Blocks, Bundle

Bundle Branch Block

Bundle Branch Blocks

Bundle-Branch Block, Left

Bundle-Branch Block, Right

Bundle-Branch Blocks

Bundle-Branch Blocks, Left

Bundle-Branch Blocks, Right

Fascicular Block

Fascicular Block, Anterior

Fascicular Block, Posterior

Fascicular Blocks

Fascicular Blocks, Anterior

Fascicular Blocks, Posterior

Left Bundle Branch Block

Left Bundle-Branch Block

Left Bundle-Branch Blocks

Posterior Fascicular Block

Posterior Fascicular Blocks

Right Bundle Branch Block

Right Bundle-Branch Block

Right Bundle-Branch Blocks

A form of heart block in which the electrical stimulation of HEART VENTRICLES is interrupted at either one of the branches of BUNDLE OF HIS thus preventing the simultaneous depolarization of the two ventricles.