Cardio-Renal Syndrome


Cardio Renal Syndrome

Cardio-Renal Syndromes

Cardiorenal Syndrome

Cardiorenal Syndromes

Reno Cardiac Syndrome

Reno-Cardiac Syndrome

Reno-Cardiac Syndromes

Renocardiac Syndrome

Renocardiac Syndromes

Syndrome, Cardio-Renal

Syndrome, Cardiorenal

Syndrome, Reno-Cardiac

Syndrome, Renocardiac

Syndromes, Cardio-Renal

Syndromes, Cardiorenal

Syndromes, Reno-Cardiac

Syndromes, Renocardiac

Condition where a primary dysfunction of either heart or kidney results in failure of the other organ (e.g., HEART FAILURE with worsening RENAL INSUFFICIENCY).