Caspase 1


CASP1 Caspase

Caspase, CASP1

Convertase, IL-1 beta

Converting Enzyme, Interleukin-1

Converting Enzyme, Interleukin-1beta

ICE Protease

IL 1 beta Convertase

IL 1 beta Converting Enzyme

IL-1 beta Convertase

IL-1 beta-Converting Enzyme

IL1BC Enzyme

Interleukin 1 Converting Enzyme

Interleukin 1beta Converting Enzyme

Interleukin-1 Converting Enzyme

Interleukin-1beta Converting Enzyme

Pro Caspase 1


Procaspase 1


beta Convertase, IL-1

beta-Converting Enzyme, IL-1

A long pro-domain caspase that has specificity for the precursor form of INTERLEUKIN-1BETA. It plays a role in INFLAMMATION by catalytically converting the inactive forms of CYTOKINES such as interleukin-1beta to their active, secreted form. Caspase 1 is referred as interleukin-1beta converting enzyme and is frequently abbreviated ICE.