CD48 Antigen


Antigen, CD48

Antigen, MRC OX-45

Antigen, P41

B Lymphocyte Activation Marker BLAST 1

B-Lymphocyte Activation Marker BLAST-1

BCM1 Surface Antigen

Blast1 Antigen

Glycoprotein-60, Signal-Transducing

Leukocyte Antigen MEM 102

Leukocyte Antigen MEM-102

MEM-102, Leukocyte Antigen

MRC OX 45 Antigen

MRC OX-45 Antigen

P41 Antigen

SLAM Family Member 2

SLAMF2 Protein

Signal Transducing Glycoprotein 60

Signal-Transducing Glycoprotein-60

Signaling Lymphocytic Activation Molecule 2

Signaling Lymphocytic Activation Molecule Family Member 2

Surface Antigen, BCM1

A 40-45 KDa GPI-linked protein in the SLAM family that consists of two IMMUNOGLOBULIN C2-SET DOMAINS. It is expressed on the surface of a variety of cells with immune functions, including THYMOCYTES; mature B-LYMPHOCYTES and T-LYMPHOCYTES; NATURAL KILLER CELLS; DENDRITIC CELLS; MAST CELLS; and EOSINOPHILS. It binds to CD2 and 2B4 (CD244) receptors to activate and modulate the immunologic response.