cdc25 Phosphatases


Cell Division Cycle 25B protein

Dual Specificity Phosphatase Cdc25A

Dual Specificity Phosphatase Cdc25B

Dual Specificity Phosphatase Cdc25C

M Phase Inducer Phosphatase 1

M Phase Inducer Phosphatase 2

M Phase Inducer Phosphatase 3

M-Phase Inducer Phosphatase 1

M-Phase Inducer Phosphatase 2

M-Phase Inducer Phosphatase 3

Phosphatase, cdc25

Phosphatase, cdc25A

Phosphatase, cdc25B

Phosphatase, cdc25C

Phosphatases, cdc25

cdc25 Phosphatase

cdc25A Phosphatase

cdc25B Phosphatase

cdc25C Phosphatase

A subclass of dual specificity phosphatases that play a role in the progression of the CELL CYCLE. They dephosphorylate and activate CYCLIN-DEPENDENT KINASES.