CDX2 Transcription Factor


CDX-2, Homeobox Protein

CDX2 Protein

CDX2, Homeobox Protein

CDX2, Transcription Factor

Caudal Type Homeo Box 2 Protein

Caudal Type Homeo Box Transcription Factor 2

Caudal Type Homeobox Transcription Factor 2

Cdx 2 3 Protein

Cdx 2 Protein

Cdx 3 Protein

Cdx-2 Protein

Cdx-2-3 Protein

Cdx-3 Protein

Homeobox Protein CDX 2

Homeobox Protein CDX-2

Homeobox Protein CDX2

Transcription Factor CDX2

An antennapedia-like homeodomain transcription factor that regulates the expression of multiple genes in the INTESTINAL MUCOSA. It plays a critical role in many processes from early differentiation to maintenance of the intestinal epithelial lining of both the small and large intestine.