Capuchin Monkey

Capuchin Monkeys

Monkey, Capuchin

Monkey, Ring Tail

Monkey, Ring Tailed

Monkey, Ring-Tail

Monkey, Ring-Tailed

Monkeys, Capuchin

Monkeys, Ring-Tail

Monkeys, Ring-Tailed

Ring-Tail Monkey

Ring-Tail Monkeys

Ring-Tailed Monkey

Ring-Tailed Monkeys

A genus of the family CEBIDAE, subfamily CEBINAE, consisting of four species which are divided into two groups, the tufted and untufted. C. apella has tufts of hair over the eyes and sides of the head. The remaining species are without tufts - C. capucinus, C. nigrivultatus, and C. albifrons. Cebus inhabits the forests of Central and South America.