Chorea Gravidarum


Chorea Gravidarums

Chorea, Pregnancy Induced

Chorea, Pregnancy-Induced

Choreas, Pregnancy-Induced

Choreoathetoses, Pregnancy-Associated

Choreoathetosis, Pregnancy Associated

Choreoathetosis, Pregnancy-Associated

Gravidarum, Chorea

Pregnancy-Associated Choreoathetoses

Pregnancy-Associated Choreoathetosis

Pregnancy-Induced Chorea

Pregnancy-Induced Choreas

A rare movement disorder developed during PREGNANCY, characterized by involuntary jerky motion (CHOREA) and inability to maintain stable position of body parts (ATHETOSIS). RHEUMATIC FEVER and collagen vascular disorders are frequently associated with this disease. Chorea may vary from mild to severe and occurs in approximately 1 per 2,000 to 3,000 pregnancies. (From Md Med J 1997 Sep;46(8):436-9)