ApoJ Protein

Apolipoprotein J

Complement Associated Protein SP 40,40

Complement Lysis Inhibitor

Complement-Associated Protein SP-40,40

Ionizing Radiation Induced Protein 8

Ionizing Radiation-Induced Protein-8

MAC393 Antigen

Radiation-Induced Protein-8, Ionizing

SGP 2 Protein

SGP-2 Protein

SP 40,40 Protein

SP-40,40, Complement-Associated Protein

Sulfated Glycoprotein 2

Sulfated Glycoprotein-2

TRPM 2 Protein

TRPM-2 Protein

Testosterone Repressed Prostate Message 2 Protein

Testosterone-Repressed Prostate Message-2 Protein

X Ray Inducible Protein 8

X-Ray-Inducible Protein 8

XIP8 Protein

A highly conserved heterodimeric glycoprotein that is differentially expressed during many severe physiological disturbance states such as CANCER; APOPTOSIS; and various NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS. Clusterin is ubiquitously expressed and appears to function as a secreted MOLECULAR CHAPERONE.