Coated Pits, Cell-Membrane


Bristle Coated Pits

Bristle-Coated Pit

Bristle-Coated Pits

Cell Membrane Coated Pits

Cell-Membrane Coated Pit

Cell-Membrane Coated Pits

Coated Pit, Cell-Membrane

Coated Pits, Cell Membrane

Pit, Bristle-Coated

Pit, Cell-Membrane Coated

Pits, Bristle-Coated

Pits, Cell-Membrane Coated

Specialized regions of the cell membrane composed of pits coated with a bristle covering made of the protein CLATHRIN. These pits are the entry route for macromolecules bound by cell surface receptors. The pits are then internalized into the cytoplasm to form the COATED VESICLES.

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