Cobra Cardiotoxin Proteins


Basic Polypeptide, Cardiotoxin-Like

Cardiotoxin I

Cardiotoxin II

Cardiotoxin Like Basic Polypeptide

Cardiotoxin Proteins, Cobra

Cardiotoxin VII 4

Cardiotoxin VII2

Cardiotoxin, Cobra

Cardiotoxin-Like Basic Polypeptide

Cardiotoxins, Elapid

Cobra Cardiotoxin

Cobra Cytotoxin Proteins

Cobra Toxin Gamma

Cobra Venom Cardiotoxin D

Cytotoxin Proteins, Cobra

Cytotoxin-Like Basic Protein (Cobra Venom)

Direct Lytic Factors

Elapid Cardiotoxins

Lytic Factors, Direct

Polypeptide, Cardiotoxin-Like Basic

Toxin Gamma, Cobra

Most abundant proteins in COBRA venom; basic polypeptides of 57 to 62 amino acids with four disulfide bonds and a molecular weight of less than 7000; causes skeletal and cardiac muscle contraction, interferes with neuromuscular and ganglionic transmission, depolarizes nerve, muscle and blood cell membranes, thus causing hemolysis.